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Christmas craft and recipes to get you in the festive mood

Are you looking for Christmas craft and Christmas recipe ideas?

Carers WA have put in the hard work by researching into some Christmas activities for you to try at home. These craft ideas work as authentic presents for family and friends and saves you the stress on your financial budget.

We have found some great festive ideas to get you started:


Salt dough ornamentsA collection of painted salt dough ornaments

Credit: www.wholefully.com

These ornaments only contain four ingredients and can be customised to any shape. These ornaments make for great personalised gifts.


Fairy light wall treeA picture of a room with a chair and Christmas lights have been fixed to the wall to create the shape of a Christmas tree

Credit: www.bunnings.com.au

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to a Christmas Tree? Try a Christmas craft fairy light wall tree.



A Recycled Christmas WreathA Christmas wreath made from white cardboard and paper has been placed on a wooden background

Credit: www.bhg.com.au

This recycled wreath is easy to make and can be made with items from around the house. You can also add a splash of colour with paint, glitter, pencils and pens.



Christmas Tree BrowniesBrownies shaped as Christmas trees, decorated with colourful icing and sprinkles with candy canes.

Credit: www.taste.com.au

This recipe can be made from scratch or you can buy a store-bought packet to make it easier.



Christmas chocolate barkSmall decorated chocolate blocks covered with nuts and dried berries, to the left side there is packaged chocolate with a tag reading " Choc Bark".

Credit: www.taste.com.au

This recipe can be made from scratch or you can buy a store-bought packet to make it easier. It’s a fun recipe with room to get creative.


Christmas Banana SnowmenBananas, strawberries, grapes and raisins on a skewer to form the shape of a snowmen

Credit: www.onehandedcooks.com.au

If you are looking for a healthy Christmas, look no further than this recipe. They are easy to make and will grab the attention of both children and adults.


Planning to try any of the above?

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