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Free online skill modules and resources for carers

As you find yourself spending more time at home, there are some useful online modules you can use to learn, brush up or develop practical skills to assist you in your caring role. Whether you are new to caring or not, modules like “Recharge and Reconnect” and “Dealing with Stress” serve as an important reminder that insight into your wellbeing is essential to keeping healthy. Carers WA have linked some resources below for carers to access.


Online module for essential carer skills

Carer Gateway allows carers to access free online modules that explore health and wellbeing. There are six modules carers can access to develop essential carer skills, each module is approximately fifteen to thirty minutes long. Module topics include:

  • Dealing with stress
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Recharge and connect
  • Legal issues
  • Social Connections
  • Sleep

You can also download the accessible “Learning Outcomes” document for each online module to record responses as a resource and reminder for the future. Access the free Carer Gateway online modules here.


Online coaching services for carers

Carer Gateway also provides online Carer Coaching services to carers. This allows carers to explore eight different topics about the opportunities and experiences of being a carer with practical tips, resources, and reflection activities from real Australian carers. You can log into your Carer Gateway account or register online to access these coaching services here to learn about the caring journey, work/study/volunteering balance, getting your finances in order and many more.


Online forums for carers to learn through peer to peer communication

If you’re a carer who prefers to learn through tips and advice from others in a similar situation to you, Carer Gateway has a safe zone for you to talk about carer related topics with support from those in the caring community. It allows carers to discuss their situation so the community can help one another with information, advice or peer support. To access these forums, click here to sign in or register your account to get started.


Looking after yourself

When you are physically and mentally healthy, you provide better care and promote a positive environment for you and your loved one. Carer Gateway have provided valuable advice for all carers in different caring stages, about looking for yourself here.

Carers WA are here to support every Western Australian carer on their journey. We encourage you to contact the Carers WA counselling line on 1800 007 332 (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm) if you need any assistance during this time.