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Federal Government Announces $250 One-Off Payment for Eligible Carers


Yesterday, the Federal Budget announced a one-off cost of living payment of $250 to help carers and other vulnerable Australians meet costs of living pressures. The benefit is to be automatically paid to all eligible recipients in April 2022.

An estimated 230,000 Western Australians provide unpaid care and support to a family member or friend who requires help due to illness, disability, mental illness, frail age or other drug related conditions.

Although caring for a loved one is a vital and rewarding role, it is also a hard role. The last few years and the difficulties of the pandemic have added further hardships and pressure to the carers in our community.

The benefits of an additional $250 one-off payment are not nearly enough to compensate for the work that carers do, but it may provide some short-term relief for those who need it most.

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