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Our ambassadors are advocates for family carers and Carers WA. They have a personal connection to caring and generously contribute their time and profile towards raising awareness of carers in the community.

Dr Mark Bin Bakar / "Mary G"

Dr Mark Bin Bakar received an Honorary Doctorate from Edith Cowan University in 2009 and was awarded the 2008 WA Australian of the Year and the National Indigenous Person of the Year for 07/08. He has been recommended for a high commendation for the HREOC Human Rights Medal and also received a number of other honours from local NAIDOC awards, Deadlies awards, and the Amnesty Australia Human Rights award. All of these awards and recognitions are due to his consistent commitment and dedication to making a difference for his people locally, state-wide and nationally.

Mary G

Mary G is a live performance character created by Dr Mark Bin Bakar. Mary G, "the undisputed Black Queen of the Kimberley", is a multi-award winning comedian recognised for promoting positive Indigenous lifestyles through her music and comedy. She was created from radio, and currently broadcasts live across Australia every Wednesday night through NIRS, PAKAM, Noongar Radio, Radio Larrakia and Indigitube. Following her radio success, Mary G grew into television, which resulted in two TV series on SBSTV and more recently she hosted a ten part talk back show on NITV, Straight Shootin’.

Mary’s dream is for recognition and reconciliation for Indigenous people across Australia, and a recognition that Australia was built on multi-culturalism. She wears the colours of her home-town Broome, where the earth is fire-red and the sea is blue, representing a balance between her living energy and nature itself. Mary is a naïve, witty and lusty Aboriginal woman from the Kimberley. She has no allegiance with any one language group however she is connected to most of them.

Mary is a strong supporter of respect of youth and self esteem, while also promoting respect for Elders of all generations. Mary is an advocate for women and a strong supporter of women’s rights and the positive role they play in society. Culture and understanding of Indigenous issues is a high priority for Mary Gedarrdyu and this is the message of all of her work, in TV, Radio or live on stage.

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