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Feedback and Complaints

Carers WA welcome all feedback about our organisation and our work. If you have a compliment, comment, concern or complaint about Carers WA you may raise these with us either in person, by phone, email or in writing.


From time to time we may not meet your expectations. If you wish to raise a concern or make a complaint about Carers WA, your experiences with Carers WA, the services we provide, a staff member, event or activity, you can do this through our Complaints Policy and Process.

The Carers WA Complaints Policy is in place to provide:

  • A clear statement of our commitment to receive and deal with feedback, positive and negative;
  • An accessible process that handles complaints in a timely, professional and consistent way;
  • A simple process that avoids the unnecessary use of resources including people’s time and money;
  • Information to help Carers WA to improve its work, impact, operations and processes;
  • Advice to carers of their option to consult an independent advocate of their choice at any stage of the complaint process.

Click here to read our Complaints Policy.

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