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Carers WA aims to enhance and promote carers health and wellbeing by focusing on their emotional and social support needs. We can assist in:

Helping carers connect, learn about services and take a break from the caring role through a range of regular in-person and online support groups in metro and regional locations.

Providing advice, information and resources to link carers to relevant services.

Facilitating informative workshops and courses to assist carers to return to the workforce and increase their health and wellbeing.

Advocating for improved services and supports for carers by addressing carer issues at a state and federal level and providing training for carers to participate in government committees and to use their lived experience to represent the voice of carers in the community.

Offering presentations to help raise awareness within the community about the role of carers and the services available to support them and participating in community conferences, expos and events.

Providing support to young carers through community education, one-on-one needs assessment, peer support toolkits and young carer events and activities through our dedicated Young Carer team.

Supporting carers through the provision of a range of supports and services, including those available through Carer Gateway.

Our services include the provision of specialist information and advice, resources, carer support through counselling, education/training, social support and carer advocacy and representation.

Carers WA is also the lead provider of Carer Gateway services in WA. Services include carer support planning, in-person peer support, counselling and emergency and planned respite care. For more information visit our Carer Gateway webpage.

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