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Carer Rights

It is vital for the needs of the caring community to be clearly understood by those individuals and organisations sanctioned to support carers. Carers have a right to complain if they are concerned about the delivery of a service to their family or the person they support.

All services have a complaints procedure. Legally, a service cannot hold it against you if you complain. View Carers WA’s Complaints Policy.

If you have a complaint about a service or organisation, contact them or visit their website to find out their complaints procedure.  There may be a specific person you need to contact or a form you need to complete.

If you have tried complaining to a person or organisation and do not feel that you have received a suitable response, there are a number of organisations who can help you to follow up your concerns.

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Contact Carers WA for information, advice and support to help you to advocate on your own behalf or on behalf of the person you care for.

Carers WA: 1300 227 377, 8.30am – 4.30pm