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Carer Gateway – Information for Service Providers

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative for family carers in Australia. It provides a mix of free online, telephone and in-person supports, services and advice. These services have been designed and tested by carers to help reduce stress and build resilience in the caring role.

In addition to a number of resources available through the Carer Gateway website, supports and services are being delivered throughout the states and territories. For Western Australia, Carers WA is leading the delivery of these services, in partnership with our delivery partner, HelpingMinds.

Carer Gateway: 1800 422 737

Hours of operation: 8.00am – 5.00pm local time. An after-hours service is available outside of these hours, including weekends.


Referrals will be received by our Carer Support Planning team and a planner will contact the carer back directly. For referrals for emergency respite, the Carer Support Planning team will respond to the enquiry within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Carer Gateway Processes

Carer Gateway is a phone-based service providing carers a centralised and streamlined process to access relevant supports and services in Western Australia. Carers must undergo a Carer Support Planning process to determine eligibility as well as areas of need and priority. A holistic action plan of supports and services will then be tailored to the carer’s individual requirements.

To learn more about what carers can expect when they contact Carer Gateway and undergo the Carer Support Planning process, read:

For answers to our most frequently asked questions by carers and service providers, please read our Carer Gateway FAQs.

Alternative Options for Carer Gateway Planning

Intensive Support Navigation

This program provides one-on-one, face-to-face support to carers in the Perth Metropolitan area who are experiencing complex circumstances impacting their quality of life and affecting their ability to perform their caring role. This includes carers who may be having challenges navigating complex systems such as justice, health, aged care and mental health and are generally less able to cope with their caring role.
To find out more click here.

Mobile Planning

Mobile Planners provide face to face planning sessions for Carer Gateway and are available to meet with carers in their homes or in a community venue eg. library, coffee shop, park etc. They help identify the carer’s goals and ensure that an appropriate support plan is prepared, implemented, and evaluated. Mobile Planners will also liaise with a wide range of partner organisations to raise awareness of carers within the broader community as well as internal stakeholders.

Additional  Resources

To keep up with the latest Carer Gateway news and updates:

Carer Gateway resources including printed materials can be ordered at publications.carergateway.gov.au


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