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An insight into Carer Gateway – Who am I speaking to?

As Carer Gateway makes an entrance into WA, you may have some questions that you would like answered before you start the carer support planning process. First off, you do not have to be a new carer to use Carer Gateway services. All Western Australian carers can use the services during their caring journey. A popular question surrounding Carer Gateway services in WA is, “who will I be speaking to when I call the Carer Gateway telephone line and what are they going to ask me?” A great question which will be answered below.

To assist in understanding the steps a Carer Support Planner will walk through with you, Carers WA has created a flowchart to help you visualise what will happen when you call the 1800 422 737 Carer Gateway phone line.


Who am I speaking to?

When a carer in WA calls the Carer Gateway phone line, 1800 422 737 (Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 5.00pm local time), they will be directed to local professional Carer Support Planners who link carers to a wide variety of services through the carer support planning process. This process has been specially created so carers are empowered to self-manage and chose how and when supports are utilised.

Our Carer Support Planners are based in Western Australia and have a range of experience in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community services, providing direct support to clients. If you speak to a Carer Support Planner who you have connected with, you may request that they can be your main Carer Support Planner throughout the process whenever possible.


What happens during a call?

When ringing the Carer Gateway phone line, the Carer Support Planner will have a conversation with the caller to determine eligibility including caring role and service region. Each carer may need different services and supports due to their unique caring role, our Carer Support Planners are trained to determine areas of priority and create an action plan for recommendations to meet each individual’s needs.

Carer Support Planners may ask the carer questions based on:
  • If the carer is using another service – this will not affect the process. This question is asked so the carer can maximise the outcomes of the services provided.
  • The urgency eg. timeframes for support
  • The carer’s situation

Each question is designed to ensure your Carer Support Planner can effectively move through the planning process and maximise your plan. The carer may be given information only or progress to intake which is determined on a case by case basis.


Creating an action plan

After a Carer Support Planner has a conversation with the carer, a tailored action plan is created which establishes the carer’s goals, priorities and supports for their individualised needs. It is also good to note that the conversation does not need to be completed in one session and another time can be organised to complete process when convenient to you. Your details and situation are recorded on a secure network so that you do not need to explain your circumstances more than once as our Carer Support Planners understand that it may be frustrating to repeat yourself multiple times with a busy schedule.


Support planning and completing an action plan

If a carer requires support planning for their action plan, our Carer Support Planners will identify and consider the service types that are the best suited for the carer with factors such as availability. The support planning will reflect the conversations the Carer Support Planner had with the carer throughout the planning process. Once the action plan has been completed, it will be sent to the carer through the carer’s preference, such as email, or postage mail. The carer will receive their support services and has the power to self-manage their supports to fulfill their planning goals.


Checking back in

Carers WA understands that circumstances may change, a Carer Support Planner will check-in with a carer and if required, the Carer Support Planner and carer will go back to the planning stage and reassess.

Please do not hesitate to contact Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 (Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 5.00pm local time) if you would like to enquire or have any questions. An after-hours service is available to facilitate requests for respite outside of these hours, including weekends.

If you are a carer calling outside the Carer Gateway operating hours, and it is not an emergency, your details will be recorded so a Carer Support Planner can contact you during business hours if required.


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