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5 easy ways you can become a carer-friendly employer today

There are many ways to become a carer-friendly employer and better support carers in yourworkplace. These strategies do not have to be costly or require a major change in how an organisation operates.

A small, simple adjustment can make a significant difference in improving employee wellbeing.


5 easy strategies you can implement to become a carer-friendly employer today
  1. Raise awareness
    • Defining the term carer within your workplace.
    • Recognising and understanding the evolving caring role.
    • Run an internal event for Carers Week.
  2. Foster a culture that values carers
    • Make this clear in workplace policies.
    • Encourage management to communicate an ongoing commitment to staff and support accessing leave where needed.
    • Providing practical support with “lunch and learns”, education sessions or hosting peer support groups for carers.
  3. Arrange a consultation with staff who are caring
    • Let staff know that you are looking at becoming more of a carer-friendly workplace.
    • Use staff surveys and carer network meetings to discuss what is and isn’t working for carers at your workplace.
  4. Educate staff about flexible workplace arrangements
    • Especially if you have varied leave provisions and ensure staff are aware of carers’ rights to request flexible working arrangements under the Fair Work Act.
    • Consider making flexibility the norm, rather than the exception, for all job roles.
  5. Monitoring changes in the carer population, uptake of workplace supports, employee sickness, absence and turnover rates – and advocate for extra support as necessary.


Ready for the next steps? If you would like to learn more about becoming a carer-friendly workplace with solutions and resources, read our e-book that delves into more detail on implementing carer-friendly policies within your workplace. HR and management professionals searching for a comprehensive method of transition can also become accredited carer-friendly employers through Carers WA.

Download: Guide to creating a carer-friendly workplace

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