Privacy Policy

Carers WA and Member State and Territory Carers Associations (Carers Associations) are dedicated to improving the lives of Australian carers by providing support, information, advice and counselling.  As the peak body recognised by both State and Federal governments, Carers WA is the voice of carers, representing their interests in Australia.

To meet these objectives, Carers WA collects personal information from carers who contact the Carers Association. As from March 2014 Carers WA is required to comply with the Privacy Amendment Act 2012 and future amendments. The Australian Privacy Principles set out the core requirements of the Privacy Amendment Act 2012 and how an organisation should collect, use, keep, secure and disclose personal information.

The Australian Privacy Principles (APP) also give individuals the right to know what information an organisation holds about him or her, and the right to correct that information if it is incorrect.

Carers WA is committed to complying with the Privacy Amendment Act 2012 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

1. New laws in effect from March 2014, will protect the privacy of your personal information.  Personal information that will be collected include; the carers name, age, gender, address, telephone, email and the person being cared fors’ age, gender, illness or condition.

2. Carers WA collect and use personal information for several reasons including;

  • To mail out requested resources by the caller
  • To monitor the type of resources requested and sent
  • To monitor the profile of carers in Australia and people being cared for to provide statistical data to various bodies for funding and lobbying purposes
  • To advise members of upcoming functions and mail out bi-yearly editions of carers in State and Territory Newsletters
  • To send a follow up newsletter to non-members who have requested resources by mail
  • Clients may choose to remain anonymous; this will not affect the services they receive.

3. Carers Associations will not disclose personal information to a third party except for the following circumstances:

  • Consent to do so is obtained from you, your representative or legal guardian
  • Carers WA has a belief in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to:
    • conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process,
    • act to protect the interests of Carers Associations service users or others.

4. You are entitled at any time to request details and changes to your personal information held by us. All such requests should be made in writing to the CEO Carers WA, at the address below. Photographic proof of identity and proof of current residential address is required before access to personal information will be provided. This is to ensure we do not share your personal information with an unauthorised person.  Carers WA will respond to such requests within 14 days of the request being received.

5. Carers WA is required under the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 to ensure all information of a personal nature is kept secure.  Carers WA do this by;

  • Having password access to all computers
  • A firewall for the computer network
  • A locked building with a security system
  • Employees are bound by Confidentiality as per the Staff Code of Conduct.

6. Where practicable, callers may request to use a pseudonym or remain anonymous. In such circumstances, only minimal non-identifying information will be collected.

7. If you wish to complain about a breach of privacy, you can do so at any time at the address below in line with The Client Complaints, Grievances and Appeals policy. Carers WA will respond to any such complaint as soon as possible, and in any event, it will be acknowledged within 14 days of receiving it. Carers WA will use all reasonable endeavours to investigate all complaints and take such action as necessary to resolve them.

If you have any queries in relation to privacy, please contact Carers WA.

Postal Address: Carers WA, PO Box 638, Mt Lawley WA 6929
Phone: 1300 CARERS (1300 227 377)
Fax: (08) 9228 7488
E-mail: info@carerswa.asn.au