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Young Carers

Our Young Carer program supports and advocates for the vital young carers of Western Australia.

A “young carer” is a person under the age of 25 who helps support a member of their household who is experiencing a mental health challenge, disability, long term health condition (including a chronic condition or terminal illness), a substance dependency or who is frail aged.

For many young carers, helping to look after somebody else is just a normal part of life, just like going to school or work.  Even though this can be a rewarding experience, it can sometimes be challenging.

As a young carer, know that you are not alone in your caring role and that there are other young people with similar experiences to you. There are services available that can assist to support your individual needs.

The team actively engages with education facilities and service providers to educate staff and increase awareness and supports for young carers in the classroom and community.

The Carers WA Young Carer team offers a range of specific services for education facilities and young carers aged 8 to 25, including free access to:


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Young Carer referrals can be submitted through the Carers WA Referral Form.