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Social Support

Taking a regular break and having a supportive social network helps carers to keep providing the best care they can. Carers WA provide Linking Together Social Support groups for its members to take a short break from their caring role and to meet others in their local community. Groups run monthly throughout the metropolitan area and some regional areas. They are coordinated by trained and experienced volunteers.

There are specific groups for members of the Aboriginal and Multicultural communities, grandparent carers, mental health carers and carers of children with a disability.

Linking Together Social Support group attendance is free, however you must be registered with Carers WA. To find out if there is a Linking Together group in your area, contact the Carers WA Social Support team on
1300 227 377 or socialsupport@carerswa.asn.au.


Virtual Coffee Catch-Up

Carers WA has commenced “Virtual Coffee Catch-Ups”‘ via Zoom.

These catch-ups will give previous Linking Together attendees an opportunity to take a time-out on Thursday afternoons at 2.00pm to chat and enjoy a coffee or tea.

To find out more information about Virtual Coffee Catch-ups or the Social Support Facebook Group, email socialsupport@carerswa.asn.au or call 1300 227 377 and speak with the Social Support team.

What some Linking Together attendees have said:

‘My blood pressure has gone down and it’s good for my general wellness not to feel like I am struggling alone. Attending these carer groups make me more refreshed and cheerful around the person I care for.’

‘Just a couple of hours each month really helps me mentally & spiritually, I have got to have something to look forward to and meeting other caring people is very uplifting, I always return feeling more relaxed.’

‘When you know other people are having similar experiences you feel less alone and know others genuinely understand what you are experiencing. I find it a great source of information and support.’