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Awareness & Engagement

Carers WA staff regularly visit care-related organisations and carer support groups to deliver presentations on Carers WA programs and services. Staff are also available to speak to government agencies, employers and business groups about carer awareness and provision of services to carers.

Carers WA Events and Services Update:

Carers WA are committed to the health and safety of carers, service providers and other members of the community and to minimise risk to the people we support Carers WA will be suspending events and face-to-face activities across WA.

Carers WA will continue to offer support to carers over the phone, email and via videoconference where possible. Face-to-face services will resume where safe to do so following Health Department advice.

We encourage our members to keep updated by following us on social media channels and subscribing to email communications.

Presentations and Meetings

Carers WA can deliver presentations at your venue, ranging length from a short overview of 15 minutes to a more comprehensive 1-2 hour workshop. Alternatively, staff can attend more informal meetings to share information and discuss carer issues and engagement.

Expos and Conferences

Staff are also available to attend expos (including schools) or conferences to provide information about carer awareness and services to attendees.

If you would like to meet with Carers WA, have us attend your next event or deliver a talk please complete the below enquiry form.

  • Laptop / Projector / Microphone / Trestle Table / Power supply (Expo/Stall only) / Kitchen facilities (Workshop)