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Carers - Be job ready!

Whether you have been in work but had to leave due to your caring role or whether you have never been in employment, this program aims to assist you to enter employment (or education).

Click here to view the flyer including eligibility criteria and intake information

To apply for this program:

Step 1.

The ‘Be job ready’ program involves you providing an ‘Expression of Interest (EOI)’ so that we can determine if you are eligible for the Program.

You can fill out a PDF version of the the Expression of Interest form here or a word version here.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 227 377 and we will fill the form out with you over the phone.

Step 2.

Once the Carers in Employment Project Officer has received your EOI they will be in touch with you to discuss more about the program and to assess whether the program is suitable for your situation. 

Step 3.

You attend a two hour intake meeting with the Carers WA Project Officer and The ORS Group (Employment Specialist) to assess your needs in relation to gaining employment (or education) and your caring role.

Step 4.

Recommendations and a goal plan will be made based on your situation.

Step 5.

If appropriate, The ORS Group, an employment specialist, will offer a free Job Ready Course (JRC) to provide you with the skills to engage in employment. The program runs over 12 weeks (2 hours per week) with different topics running for the first ten weeks and a job club during the final two weeks. The job club will have an employment support person on hand to assist with job seeking and there may also be further group training on areas that have been identified for the group to work on to improve upon skills.

Should carers not be eligible for the ORS Group JRC, Carers WA may subsidise a limited number of carers to undertake this program or may refer you to other employment support services.

Click here to read more about the Job Ready Course (JRC).

During this time Carers WA will work with you regarding your caring role and what supports need to be put into place to assist you to achieve your goals for work (or education).