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Information for Mental Health carers and the NDIS in WA

The NDIS in WA began rolling out across Western Australia from 1 July 2017. All eligible people, including people with psychosocial disability, will have access to the scheme for supports and services by 2020. 

Psychosocial disability refers to impairment that can be attributed to a psychiatric condition. To be recognised as a disability the impairments must be permanent, or likely to be permanent, and substantially reduce a person’s ability to undertake routine daily activities.

What supports and services are offered by the NDIS in WA?

If you have a psychosocial disability and are found eligible for the NDIS in WA you will be able to access non-clinical supports and services that support you to undertake daily living activities and participate in the community – both socially and economically. 

This is done through a planning process with a Local Coordinator. Your Local Coordinator will get to know you and support and assist you as much or as little as you need during the planning process. 

The plan may include support with things like:

  • social interaction – such as making and keeping friends and relationships, or behaving in ways accepted by others.
  • daily living – such as planning and organising daily life (including appointments) and managing household / personal finances.
  • identifying education, training and employment opportunities.

What supports and services are provided by the WA health system?

There are some supports and services that will continue to be provided by the WA health system. These are separate from NDIS in WA supports.

The Department of Health’s Community Mental Health Team and a range of private psychiatrists and mental health practitioners provide specialist mental health services. This includes care while admitted in hospital, in-patient and residential care, medications and pharmaceuticals.

NDIS in WA support and pre-planning

Pre-planning for the initial planning meeting will help to ensure that the person’s plan captures the impact of their condition on everyday functioning. You will need the permission of the person you care for to attend the planning meeting with them.

NDIS in WA planning workbook (coming soon) and a mental health carer checklist are available to assist you with your pre-planning.

Providing a carers statement, can help you outline the type of support you currently provide to the person you care for and whether you are able to continue in your caring role into the future.  It also provides you with the opportunity to let the NDIS in WA know how you're coping in your caring role, and whether you need additional information or support. Examples of carer statements can be viewed on the Support for families and carers in the NDIS in WA web page.

Please see The NDIS in WA Process: Getting NDIS in WA Plan Ready for further support and examples.

Mental Health Australia has also developed an NDIS and Mental Health resource list for carers, NDIS participants, and providers to access.