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Benefits of Social Support

The Social Support Program events are designed to be relaxed and friendly, easily accessible to carers, and encourage carers to access other services whilst taking a well earned break from their caring role.

The flow on effects of this are:

  • A supportive, long term support network for the carer within their own area or local community
  • Improved carer coping skills through the extra support in their life
  • Increased carer awareness of the support services available
  • Improved carer physical and emotional health, thereby reducing the risks of burnout and stress
  • Improved knowledge of services and amenities in the local community
  • Possible improved or stable health of the person with care needs as a result of improved carer health
  • A longer stay by the person with care needs in the home
  • Greater awareness within the community of carer issues
  • Improved support of carers by GP’s and Allied Health Professionals

Visit our calendar of events to find an event to support you.