Navigating Role Reversal When Caring for a Loved One

Role reversal is a common experience for unpaid carers, particularly when caring for a parent, partner, or older family member. This shift in dynamics can be challenging and emotionally complex. Here are some strategies to navigate this delicate shift: 1. Acknowledge the Change Acknowledging role reversal in the caring role is a crucial step inRead more

Carers in Employment – Resume Writing Tips

Are you ready to kickstart your job search but not sure where to begin? According to data from the Australian Human Rights Commission, many carers, up to 36%, are interested in rejoining the workforce, often on a part-time basis, but feel held back due to their responsibilities as a carer. The good news is thatRead more

Understanding the Carer Recognition Acts and Legislation

This 5 minute video provides an overview of the legislation that recognises carers in Australia both federally and in Western Australia.Read more

An insight into Carer Gateway – Who am I speaking to?

As Carer Gateway makes an entrance into WA, you may have some questions that you would like answered before you start the carer support planning process. First off, you do not have to be a new carer to use Carer Gateway services. All Western Australian carers can use the services during their caring journey. ARead more

How the $750 stimulus payment affects carers

**Updated on Monday, 13th July 2020** Carers who have previously received the one-off $750 payment from the economic support stimulus package may be eligible to receive a second $750 one-off payment from the stimulus plan. Carers who are living in Australia and have been receiving either the Carer Allowance or Carer Payment (latest from Friday,Read more

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Become an e-learner!

Carers WA has recently launched an e-learning platform offering free online education courses. The courses have been designed for carers, people with care needs, support workers, health professionals, and the wider community. The first two courses relate to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and include topics such as: What is the NDIS? Eligibility SupportRead more