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Jan Radmore - Be Job Ready course 2020

Are you a family carer looking to return to work?

Jan Radmore started her journey at Carers WA initially as a volunteer, working up to a part-time role and then a full-time role as the Program Support Administrator. Her journey as a family carer returning to work is an inspiring one, that started with the ‘Be Job Ready’ course. The course is offered to registered carers in WA.


Are you wondering: what is the Be Job Ready course?

The ‘Be Job Ready’ course is one of the services available to family carers through Carers WA’s Carers in Employment Program and is designed to engage carers in the return to the employment process. The course provides realistic information and practical skills such as interview practice, resume writing, and shows you how to clearly identify your skillset.


We sat down with Jan to talk about her journey and experience with the Be Job Ready course.


How did you get involved with the Be Job Ready course?

I found out about the course in an article in the Carers WA monthly e-bulletin. After doing some research into the course, I reached out to Carers WA, and they were able to give me the encouragement and confidence I needed to sign up for the program.


What challenges did you find when looking for employment and how did you overcome them?

When I first discovered the course, I lacked confidence and struggled to know where I would find a job as I had been out of full-time work for a while.


Prior to becoming a carer, I was working part-time for Camp Australia, and before this, I worked in the UK in various roles including as a Community Development Worker for a government-funded program, in admin roles, as a security guard and held management roles in restaurants and bars in London.


When I started the course, I realised I was not alone when it came to gaps in my resume and a lack of confidence, and with the encouragement of Carers WA I was able to overcome this.


How has your caring role impacted your career?

Being a carer, meant that I acquired many transferrable skills without even knowing I had, such as multi-tasking, making appointments, dealing with the NDIS and money management. At first, I did not realise that all these skills could help me gain employment, but I was shown through the course that these are the skills that many employers are looking for. It is about finding a way to package your skills that make you an asset to an organisation.


What was your favourite part of the course?

I really enjoyed the lessons, however, the part I found most useful was the resume and cover letter writing as it was a practical skill that I could now use to gain a job. Prior to the course, the process of writing a resume and cover letter felt very intimidating, especially when I had gaps in my career whilst I was caring full time. The educators made the process extremely easy and really encouraged us to grow our confidence to apply for jobs.


What is one piece of advice you would give to other family carers looking to return to work?

If you are given the opportunity to take part in the ‘Be Job Ready’ course, you should give it a go. It might seem scary at first, but when you start to see your potential and that there are options for employment it becomes an exciting process.


Want to learn more?

For more information about the Carers in Employment Program and the Be Job Ready course for family carers looking for work, please contact Carers WA by calling 1300 227 377 or via email at bjr@carerswa.asn.au.


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