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Your Way Toolkit

The Community Capacity Development team have created a brand-new resource, the Your Way toolkit. This toolkit is filled with useful information tailored to support, empower and inform people living with a disability, as they transition to life outside of high school.

This resource covers a range of topics and situations that young adults will need to navigate, as they find their place within the community.

Topics include:
• Education pathways after high school
• Exploring employment opportunities
• Being involved in your community
• Learning how to drive
• Budgeting and finances

The Your Way toolkit is available in print and online.

Download your copy here

We understand that the transition to life after high school can be filled with uncertainties, to help ease this transition, the CCD have created additional resources.

Click the link below to download:

Guide to renting

Applying for your first job

Community champions 

For more information please contact the CCD team via email at CCDTeam@carerswa.asn.au


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