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Carers who receive a pension or are low income earners may be eligible for a range of concessions and discounts for essential Australian, Western Australian and local government services.

Concession Cards

In Western Australia, most concessions and discounts are only available if you or the person you care for holds a current and eligible concession card from:

The Western Australian government supports Companion Card programs to provide practical help with some of the extra costs related to illness and disability. The Companion Card also allows government and businesses across WA to recognise the important contribution made by caring families to our society.

Types of Concessions

A wide range of concessions and discounts are available for concession card holders.

Different concession cards make you eligible for particular concessions and discounts and the card you hold may not give you every concession that is available.

  • Health: discounts for prescription medicines, no charge for some health services and ambulance cover, help with other health related transport costs.
  • Transport: discounts on public transport, car registration and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) insurance, multi-purpose taxi travel for some people with a disability.
  • Education: help with some adult education and kindergarten fees, school costs and transport to and from school.
  • Energy: discounts on some types of power costs.
  • Home: discounts on council and water rates and some telephone services, crisis payments for utilities or to replace essential items.
  • Recreation: discounted or free entry to many recreational venues, pet registration.

Find Out More

For more information contact the following organisations or Carers WA directly: