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2022 Young Carers Digital Art Competition

The Young Carer Digital Art Competition invited young carers (aged 8 – 25) to get creative and show us an artistic impression of what it’s like to be a carer and what a normal day looks like through a digital art medium. Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition!

Categories & Prizes

Age Categories: 8-12, 13 - 17 and 18-25
  • Each age category will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
  • There will be an additional prize for the best regional submission.
  • There will be a prize for the most creative and ‘out of the box’ artwork.
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AGE 8-12

Me, Myself - Jasper


This video is all about me and my favourite things to do. I also mention a little bit about how I help my sister out...

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AGE 18-25

Me and my Cerebral Palsy Brother (what it means to me)


It shows what it feels like to be around my amazing brother. Sometimes it can be stressful but what matter is the...

Coi Fish Acrylic on Canvas


My brother does art paintings and sells them as his micro business. So I thought I would use some of his materials...

AGE 13-17

Best Friends 🙂


The drawing I did shows a day in the life of a carer by drawing me and my best friend. I have been friends with her...

My Blue Dot

Young Carer

It shows that you have sad feelings for the person you look after. All these feelings make you feel bad and creates a...

I Am…


No matter how much is happening around me or happening in my life, I am me…and I am amazing!

Eve's Adventures


I get dressed and get my bag ready for school. I help my family get ready.


Internal Beauty


It shows that even when struggles are tough for me and even if sometimes it feels like being torn apart I always find...

AGE 13-17


Young Carer

Some days are good while others can be stressful and bad. It’s like having to keep a brave face to the world,...

AGE 13-17

Spare Time to Draw


This shows me when I have finished all my school work and have some free time. It shows my sketch surrounded by the...

A day in the life of Ciara!


My artwork shows the love I have for my family and friends (basketball and dance as well). I like to keep photographs...

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Footy Fun


It shows that when I have spare time I get to do things I love like playing footy at the park with my best friend...


Lucky Cat Head


A day in my life with my family.

In Another World


I feel this artwork represents my life as a young carer that is still in school.

The character (Marvin the...

What Happens in My Brain


It shows how I feel and what it looks like mentally, to me, to be a young carer, in an abstract artwork.

My Life


A normal day for me is time spent with my sister (who has a disability). She is homeschooled so relies on me for...

Basketball Training


Even when I’m training for basketball I sometimes need to stop and help my brother.

Things that Inspire Me


This artwork shows all things that calm me down and give me my own personal space. These things inspire me to keep...

AGE 13-17

My Boots


My artwork is a poem. I created it to help reflect my life and what my likes and hobbies are. My poem describes my...

AGE 8-12

Pieces of Me


This artwork shows how busy and complicated the life of a carer can be. It also inspires me to care for anyone no...

AGE 8-12

The Brave Heart