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2023 Young Carers Digital Art Competition

Building on the success of previous years, the 2023 Young Carer Art Awards invited young people aged 8-25yrs who are caring for a sibling, parent or loved one with disability, physical or mental health challenges to submit an artwork that reflects this year’s theme: ‘Being a young carer is like being a superhero’. Entries included but were not limited to; digital art, illustration, photography, drawing, painting, multimedia (video) and collage.

The awards were proudly supported by Lotterywest and the Department of Communities.

Categories & Prizes

AGE 18-25

Mum's Superhero

Stacey Fitzmaurice

This drawing represents the fact that I am just a normal 18 year old girl and everyone sees me as just a normal 18...

AGE 8-12

Super Hero Supporters

Harvey Alembick

I play Roblox with my sister which is a really fun and awesome way to connect and chill out together. I made this...


Kenahdy Bainbridge

Creating artwork is an interpretation which gives freedom to the pressures.

AGE 13-17

The World On Your Shoulders

Arrabella Hewison

In some ways being a young carer is like being a superhero because at times you feel as if “the world is on your...

I'm His Hero

Briella Isberg

My picture represents all the things I do to help my little brother who has Autism. Like playing Minecraft with him,...

How I Am A Superhero

Charlie Keeble

How I look after Leo and what I do for him.

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You Are a Visionary

Ellie Williams

These are my favourite photos of my sister and I. It makes me feel good when people think that I must be a superhero...

She Was a Hero Even If She Didn't Know

Holly Johnson

This artwork was based off a childhood photo of me and my brother but I gave my younger self a cape and mask because...

AGE 13-17

Super Sibling

Jessekah Cooper

My artwork is showing that even if you help or save someone, you can be weak physically or mentally, because even...

The Great Oak Heart

Jianing Yan

This video is all about me and my favourite things to do. I also mention a little bit about how I help my sister out...

Superheroes Wear Wetsuits Not Capes

Pearl Scanes

My photo adresses the theme that ‘being a young carer is like being a superhero,’ because like superheros, carers...

My Superpower

Ruby Bargerbos

I am the oldest of four kids. I live with ADHD myself but I also help care for my three younger siblings who have...

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Amelie Burdett

Being a young carer can sometimes be lonely, and you have to be strong and resilient, but it can also be beautiful...

Behind the Mask

Ciara Robeson

Using a comic theme, I have changed the superhero words like pow, bang and kaboom to words that portray a young...

AGE 8-12

Coding for Compassion

Jasper Alembick

I have coded an animation of some scenarios that can be helpful as a young carer to my sister. I think it’s...

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Twin Love

Julian Seddon

My picture shows what I would do to keep my twin brother safe. He loves the city and to climb tall things that can be...

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Maxwell Keeble

My artwork shows me stopping a bully from ripping up Leo’s comics that he likes to draw.

When Leo is hurt I...

AGE 8-12


Shayana Hislop

Being a young carer is like being a superhero because I have the powers of Respect, compassion, empathy &...

AGE 18-25

Every Superhero Needs a Team


Not all superheroes wear capes. Not all superpowers are visible. It isn’t always obvious when you meet someone that...

AGE 18-25

Be the Super Hero They Need


Being a young carer is like being a superhero because it’s one of biggest jobs someone can do, putting all your...

My Hidden Cape


It shows that I wear a cape like a superhero and the inclusion of the “list” means I always have so many things...



It shows me wearing a cape because every day I am like a superhero doing things to help and look after my sister.