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Carers WA International Pen Pal Program

This program was founded by Carers WA in 2018 and now supports over 176 carers from WA and across the globe. It is an ‘old school’ pen pal style program, which is almost 100% directed by the carer and has been revived and re-designed to promote and encourage connections, peer support, friendships, and literacy.

From the comfort of your own home, we encourage you as a carer to make a connection with another person across the globe. Meet someone who can share your unique experiences, who you can speak freely and confidentially with about the challenges you face and who you can encourage and be encouraged by.

Ultimately, we know that if you feel connected, supported and mentally resilient, you will be able to perform your role as a carer better too.

Register now by downloading and completing the relevant forms below and emailing them to penpal@carerswa.asn.au.

When you are matched you will receive a welcome pack from Carers WA or your local carer association to get you started.

Pen Pals - Ages 8 to 25
Pen Partners - Ages 25 to 80+
Inclusive Pen Pals - Ages 10 to 25

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