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Stormie Mills sticker design of two people in hooded clothing for #ShareYouCare Sticker Project stuck onto a pole

#ShareYouCare Sticker Project: Get to know feature artist, Stormie Mills

Renowned Western Australian artist, Stormie Mills has joined the #ShareYouCare Sticker Project as a way to give back to carers through his art.

The #ShareYouCare Sticker Project is seeing 20,000 stickers – designed by a series of established and emerging designers, and artists – distributed across over 100 community locations WA wide, specifically for young people in our community.

Tell us a little about yourself Stormie Mills?

A little about me is; I’ve been making artworks in the street since 1984/5 sometime around there, starting with spray paint & moving into a more mixed media later on. In 1986 I went to NYC to look at graffiti on trains & discovered a greater array of artists working in many different media and styles all in the public arena, some very strong social-political stuff that caused me to think more about what it was I wanted to say with my artwork. Later on, as I really started to analyse what I was doing, it became more about people, their inner emotional strengths and struggles. I lived overseas in Europe for a long time & returned to Perth in 1993, and have worked & travelled from here since.

How would you describe your signature style?

I am known for character-based works, mostly in tones of black for the accumulation of dirt, white to symbolise the removal of dirt, grey for the cityscape around us and silver for dreams.

What is all your all-time favourite artwork?

I have many, too many to mention or to be able to narrow down a favourite, especially of other peoples work, but to narrow that field I’d say that a favourite work would be one that has soul, that means something, that resonates with a truth, it doesn’t matter who created it, or how long they took to make it, it has to speak.

What are some of the projects you have worked on recently?

Recently like most people I’ve been in lockdown mode, so working mostly on sketches, small watercolour and ink drawings, very introspective, it’s that sort of a time I feel.

What enticed you to get involved with the #ShareYouCare project?

Kindness & empathy are really important values in this time we are in right now I feel, that there are so many, especially young people that are caring for family members is a truly altruistic thing for them to be doing, so the opportunity to give back something to those that are in that space, that tough, loving, caring & I’m sure sometimes lonely space, if I can make that a little better, by doing something that helps & respects what they are doing, of course, I’m going to offer help.

What was the inspiration behind your sticker design?

I thought that the idea of sharing can be interpreted in so many ways, but for me, I thought it could be depicted in a gentle way, as gentle as a leaf falling from a tree and someone picking it up & giving it back.

Where can we see more of your work?

There are a few bits around Perth and some in Bunbury, but we also have a studio in Northbridge where my work is available for viewing, otherwise stormiemills.com

You can get Stormie Mills’ sticker at a location near you. View our location list to find out where to get your FREE sticker pack from.