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Spotlight On Young Carers

This webinar is for service providers, schools, carers or anyone interested in learning more about young carers in our community.

Bringing together a very knowledgeable panel, we explore how to identify and talk about young carers, the impact of being a young carer, the supports and resources available to them, and highlight the need for systemic advocacy for this under-represented yet admirable group of individuals.

Presented by a panel including:
Lorraine Powell (WA Director, Lived Experience Australia)
Catarina – Young Carer Rep

Chrissie Fearon (Program Manager Carer Support Counselling & Young Carer teams Carers WA)
Claire Morley (Young Carers Team Carers WA)
Richard Newman (Head of Service Delivery, Carers WA)

Acknowledgement: Carers WA would like to acknowledge Lived Experience Australia for providing this webinar opportunity.