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Filming our Future with Bridie


Experience the magic of ballroom dancing as you meet Bridie in a captivating new 15-part disability-led documentary series by Screenwest and Carers WA. The series aims to ensure individuals, families and friends in caring roles and communities have the best opportunity to thrive and have the capacity to respond to emerging needs and challenges. It does this by exploring the way that sport and physical activities can drive inclusion and community cohesion.

Bridie says that ever since she was little she wanted to be a dancer. So, when the opportunity came up to try dancing with Ballroom Fit, a dance school that specialises in dance for people living with disability, she decided to give it a go. She has been dancing ever since.

Bridie loves dressing up, wearing the jewellery and makeup. Her skill has grown immensely, and she has found a community where she belongs and has the confidence to be herself and to express herself through dance. Although she still gets nervous, her vision impairment hasn’t hindered her from taking part in competitions.

“I think people out in the community need to stop judging and staring at people who have disabilities,” says Bridie. “We need to all be equal. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. We should all be equal.”