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Carer Friendly Policies and Legislation

Carers need governments, service providers and the community to be informed about and respond appropriately to the issues that are important to caring friends and families.

 In Western Australia, the Carers Recognition Act 2004[1] requires disability and health service providers to recognise carers by involving them in the planning and delivery of services. If a service provider fails to acknowledge the carer, carers are entitled to make a complaint about the service. The Health and Disability Service Complaints Office (HADSCO) can assist.[2]

The Carer Recognition Act 2010[3] is federal legislation that requires federally funded care agencies to consider carers as partners in care. This legislation is part of a broader National Carer Recognition Framework announced by the Federal Government in 2009. As part of this, the federal government released the National Carer Strategy in July 2011.[4]

While this legislation represents an improvement on the past, in reality, carer friendly legislation and policies are required that support carers across all sectors of government, including housing, employment, transport and education as well as health, mental health, disability and ageing. This concern drives our research, policy and systemic advocacy agenda.

[1] A copy of the Carers Recognition Act 2004 is available at

[3] A copy of the Carer Recognition Act 2010 is available from

[4] For more information on the National Carer Strategy please contact Department of Social Services (Document is currently unavailable online)