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Community outreach goes viral in Perth

With the recent news of coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic, certain individuals are finding themselves needing to self-isolate in their homes, or are seniors who do not have family to assist them during this challenging time. Numerous residents in this situation are questioning how they will purchase essential items or how to use online food delivery services with the huge demand of non-face-to-face services.

Through an incredible community outreach effort, heroes around the Mt Hawthorn, North Perth, Perth, East Perth, West Perth, Leederville, and Highgate communities are volunteering their time to help these individuals in need by picking up shopping, leaving groceries on their verandah, having wholehearted phone conversations for those who need it, and mailing any post. The volunteer call out post, created by John Carey, had an outstanding 1146 volunteer responders. If you are located in these suburbs and need assistance with daily activities like grocery shopping, we encourage you to contact John Carey on (08) 9227 8040 or contact him on his Facebook page here.

Following the Perth communities footsteps, the City of Fremantle launched a new project, Neighbour to Neighbour: Helping each other in a time of crisis, to provide assistance to community members who are facing challenges due to COVID-19. Carers who are located in this area are encouraged to fill out the Assistance Form if you require help, or share the form to anyone needing assitance during this time.

Another community project in Perth is Kindness In Community (#KindessInCommunity), a helpful Facebook group formed by everyday West Australians dedicated to helping those who are self-isolating or run down during this outbreak in Perth. They offer tasks such as collecting & delivering groceries and medicine or simply having a phone chat to help you feel less isolated. We encourage you to join their group here if you need a helping hand from your community or would like to offer your support in this community outreach initiative.

If you’re a carer who does not need assistance at this point in time and would like to instead lend a helping hand Victoria Park Community Centre have shared a handy printable card on Facebook you can fill out. The card provides a space for you to write your contact details and tick what type of help you can provide to neighbours who may need a little assistance during this time. Once completed you are able to place these cards in letterboxes nearby. You can access the printable form here.

Carers WA are proud to see how resilient our Perth community is, choosing kindness over fear and sending positive influence to other communities.

Have you seen or done anything that has created a wave of positivity in your community? We would love to hear your story here!