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What you need to know as a carer about the 2021/2022 Budget

The focus of the upcoming 2021/2022 Federal Budget is aged care reform with Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg announcing an extra $798.3 million to support carers of the aged.  

We’ve recapped Carers Australia’s factsheet below with what you need to know as a carer and how the 2021/2022 Budget will affect you. 

What’s changing in aged care?  
  • An extra 40,000 Home Care Packages to be released in the 2021-2022 Financial Year. 
  • $134.9 million funding increase in community respite to better support carers of senior Australians.  
  • $103.4 million investment into early referrals to Carer Gateway by aged care assessors. This should support approx. 134,000 carers 
  • $441.4 million for residential respite under the new residential aged care funding model.  
  • A new star rating system to highlight the quality of aged care services. 
What does this mean for carers of older Australians?  
  • Better navigation and confidence in the aged care system and aged care provider’s performance.  
  • More respite services.  
  • Clearing the current waiting list for Home Care Packages so carers are better supported at home. 
What’s changing for people with dementia and their carers?  
  • $53 million will be available for improved early support for dementia carers.  
  • $60.1 million will go to increasing the quality of respite services. This will be done through the preparation of respite care plans for people living with dementia and their carers 


What about the mental health sector and carers in this sector?  
  • $111.4 million over three years from 2022-2023 will go to increasing the take-up of group therapy sessions and participation of families and carers in a patient’s care.  
  • $46.6 million over four years from 2021-22 is proposed so parents and carers of children under 12 can access education and support programs to build parenting strategies and learn how to identify and respond to challenging behaviours
Has anything changed with the NDIS or for people with disability and their carers?  
  • The budget includes $13.2 billion for the NDIS over the next three years.  
  • $17.9 million will be invested over four years for early intervention support to young children aged 0-8 years with developmental concerns or disability including workshops and supported playgroups. 
Changes to Superannuation: 

If you are working but earning less than $450 per month, you will start receiving the superannuation contributions from your employer. This comes into effect once measures to improve equity in the superannuation system begin or start after the Budget has passed. 

Please note that Budget measures must be passed by Parliament before they can come into effect. 


Read the full recap of the budget on Carers Australia’s website.