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Navigating Aged Care Changes: Overview of the New Reform

Are you curious about how the upcoming Aged Care reform works but not sure where to start? In this blog, we will explore the upcoming aged care reform and highlight the significant role of our Carer Wellness at Home program, ensuring you get the support you need.

The Carer Wellness at Home program recognises the challenges carers face in making time for self-care. It aims to bring essential services directly to your doorstep, offering emotional support, information about available services, assistance with form completion (eg. ACROD, Taxi Voucher Scheme), and referrals to local support services. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting wellbeing for both carers and care recipients. Our program now supports carers and service providers with information on the new Aged Care reforms.

Reflecting on the challenges of the current aged care system, it is clear that multiple entry points, a focus on subsidies and providers, and complex funding provisions left participants and carers feeling confused and unsupported. The new reform, expected to come into effect in July 2025, brings about significant changes to address these issues.

Key Points of the New Aged Care Reform:

  • Streamlining the application process, making it more accessible for carers to seek support through programs like Carer Wellness at Home.
  • Shifting focus from what is lacking to what is working well and strengthening those areas.
  • Implementing a single assessment process for individualised care based on specific needs and lifestyle.
  • Recipients receive a quarterly budget and an additional funding pool, promoting flexibility and a person-centered approach to care.
  • Introducing a First Nations assessment tailored to each person’s country, fostering reablement and strengthening their connection to the land.

How can we help? As the aged care sector changes, so do we. We are creating more awareness around wellness and reablement for carers and their loved ones.

We will be holding information sessions for both service providers and carers and can also work one-on-one with carers to provide information that is specific for their situation.

By staying informed and engaging with our program, carers can ensure their well-being while providing the best possible care for their loved ones.

To enquire more about this service, contact wellnessprogram@carerswa.asn.au or 1300 227 377.

To discover more about these upcoming changes, click here.

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