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Carers WA and Motobility partner to help a carer in need.

Recently, one of Carers WA mobile planning team members, identified an acute, specific need of one of the carers we support.

Penny is a carer for her husband. They reside together at their home in a lifestyle village in Maddington.  Penny’s capacity to continue caring for her husband, whilst maintaining her own self care, general wellbeing and community connectedness, was being increasingly impacted.  This was due, significantly, to Penny’s own mobility issues.  Carers WA identified that a mobility aid would change Penny’s life for the better, helping build her own capacity to continue to care.

With other resourcing unavailable to Penny, Carers WA contacted Motobility in Osborne Park, requesting consideration for their help. Also recognising Penny’s acute need, and a mobility scooter being available at the time of the request, Motobility kindly donated the aid to Penny.

It is with extreme joy and gratitude that Penny took ownership of the mobility scooter this week. It was presented to her by Tai from Motobility and Carers WA – CEO, Richard Newman.

If you have clients who are not already registered with Carers WA and would like to meet face to face with one of our Mobile Planners, please email mobileplanners@carerswa.asn.au