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Carers WA announces accreditation in Carers + Employers program to Royal Perth Bentley Group

Carers WA is pleased to announce that Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPGB) has been formally recognised as an ‘Accredited Carer Employer’, achieving Level 2 – COMMIT status, in the national Carers + Employers program.

Royal Perth Bentley Group (which includes Royal Perth and Bentley Hospitals) is the first organisation in WA to achieve this status, since the national program commenced in 2021.

Nursing and Site Director at Royal Perth Bentley Group, Annette Baker, says, “To further support our staff, we implemented systems to identify carers and encourage them to self-identify.  We established polices and formal procedures around carer’s rights to request flexibility at work and have incorporated carer related training into learning and development/training cycles.  RPBG continues to focus our practices to achieve Level 3 – EXCEL accreditation, further demonstrating RPBG’s commitment to being a leading employer of choice in WA.” 

With one in nine Australian employees being in a caring role, it is likely that many staff within any organisation are providing ongoing (unpaid) care for a family member or friend with disability, a chronic health condition, mental health condition, alcohol or other drug dependency, a terminal illness or who is frail aged.

Carers WA CEO, Richard Newman, says, “It is with great pride that Carers WA presents this accreditation to Royal Perth Bentley Group in recognition of their achievement as a leading organisation in WA supporting carers in employment. Never has it been more important to invest in employee well-being and retention.  It’s a win-win situation all around, for business and the 230,000 unpaid family carers living in WA, many of whom are balancing employment with family care responsibilities.”

The Carers + Employers program assists employers to support carers in their workforce, helping them become employers of choice by learning and sharing best practice approaches. The program works with private, government and not-for-profit organisations. Benefits to employers include:

  • Endorsement as a Carer Friendly Employer
  • Attraction and retention of staff
  • Building a resilient workforce
  • Reduction of recruitment and training costs
  • Improved staff morale and engagement
  • Reduced employee stress and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and improved service delivery

Throughout the three-level accreditation process, employers are provided with one to one support from Carers WA to assist with creating and implementing action plans plus gathering evidence and documentation to meet the accreditation criteria.

Level 1 – ACTIVATE: Organisations become familiar with the minimum workplace standards and begin to develop carer friendly workplace policies and practices.

Level 2 – COMMIT: Organisations build on Level 1 – ‘Activate’ to provide clear actions and pathways to improve and embed carer friendly workplace practices.

Level 3 – EXCEL: Organisations focus on showcasing excellence and best practice of carer friendly workplace practices. At this level, carers are included and positioned as key stakeholders within the organisation.

David, an RPBG employee of 25 years currently an Emergency Management Officer, and also carer for his grandchild, said:As it impacts on the family, it takes a village, and the village steps in.  My focus is the support I get from my management structure. Without that support, the rest of me doesn’t function. To be able to balance that out has been vital.”

Myra, an RPBG employee of 20 years currently as a Nurse Unit Manager, and a mum whose child had care needs at a challenging time, said:I couldn’t have been more impressed with the support I received at short notice.  The outcome of me having that time off has significantly changed my family … my child’s life.”

The Carers + Employers program Level 2  – COMMIT accreditation certificate was presented today by Carers WA CEO, Richard Newman to Annette Baker.

Carers + Employers program is a project of Carers NSW funded by the NSW Government.  In WA, the program is represented and delivered by Carers WA.

For more information on Carers in Employment, including the Carers + Employers program, click here.

Photo credit: Medical Multi Media Design RPH