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Young Carer Voice Lab Video

Find a quiet spot and come listen in. Carers WA is about to give you a glimpse into the innermost thoughts and feelings of a young person who cares for a family member with disability, physical or mental health struggles.

In celebration of Youth Week WA, Carers WA released a new resource that gives you the insight into the life of a young carer. The focus for the week was on how young people can dream themselves a better world (no matter how big or small), and then use their skills, love, care, and knowledge to bring others up with them to help realise it.

About the Young Carer Voice Lab Video

In 2022, the Carers WA Young Carer team commissioned Polyglot Theatre to undertake a Voice Lab forum with three schools that participated in Carers WA school based Young Carer Peer Support Groups. During the forum, Carers WA set up a tent as a safe space inside a classroom at each participating school. Across the three schools, the team conducted interviews with approximately 35 children who were caring for a family member with disability, physical or mental health challenges. The project was aimed at uncovering the hidden thoughts, feelings and challenges that young carers face while also protecting their privacy.

The 3 schools that participated are:  Rockingham Lakes Primary, Warnbro Primary and Bungaree Primary. Young Carer were aged 8 – 12yrs and had participated in the Carers WA Peer Support Program during 2022. All parents and children completed consent forms and the information is de-identified.

Each school were fully supported and on board with the project and the Young Carer team were supported on the day by the school Chaplin and either a teacher or student services.

Support for young carers in WA

Do you know a young person who is taking on extra responsibilities around the home to care for a family member with disability, mental or physicals health challenges. Free practical and emotional support is available to help them thrive and reach their goals. To find out more, click here.